Frequently Asked Questions

How does "Back the Draw" work?

We post a list of qualifying bets and you back the draw in each one. There's no trading needed, it's a straight bet.

Can I use any bookmaker?

Yes, you can use any bookmaker or betting exchange to back the draw. It's best to use Oddschecker and take the highest price on offer.

How many qualifiers do you post?

There tend to be around 75 bets per month while the winter leagues are running, mostly at the weekend.

When are the bets posted?

Qualifying bets are posted at 10.00am, 2:00pm and 6:00pm each day. Members receive email alerts each time.

Where can I see the profit/loss?

We post monthly results here. Between January 2023 and July 2023, backing every qualifier for 1 point resulted in 94.55 points of profit, an average of 13.50 points profit per month. At £100 stakes, that's £1,350 profit per month!

Of course, we cannot guarantee the same level of profit in the future. An individual month can result in a higher profit or even a loss, it's only the long-term returns that count.

How much should I stake on each bet?

We recommend that you split your bank into a minimum of 100 points and back each qualifier for 1 point. At the beginning of each month, reset your bank back to 100 points so that stakes increase in line with your bank and your profits compound.

How do I subscribe to your service?

If we are accepting new members, you will find details here. If not, join our priority wait list and we will let you know when a place opens up.