Back the Draw is a set-and-forget football betting system which is quick, easy and highly profitable.

We all know that the only way to profit long-term from betting is to find enough value. With so many traders laying the draw these days, the value is often pushed onto the other side of the book and we have started to exploit that by backing the draw instead.

Developing betting systems is a soul destroying process. We've spent hundreds of hours over many years trying to find a profitable system for backing the draw and they almost all failed. Each time we hit a wall we would learn what we could, brush ourselves off and open a blank spreadsheet to start over.

Pure 'set-and-forget' betting systems are especially difficult to develop. You can't improve the risk/reward by waiting in-play, you can't check in-play stats before putting your money at risk and you can't lock in profits to avoid losses caused by late goals.

It goes without saying that everybody on the planet wants to make money for no effort and what we have built here is a system which finds suitable qualifiers for backing the draw as straight bets. There's no trading required, just place the bets and get on with your life.


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